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CLN Consulting Services

Every day, we help middle market companies, solve difficult logistics issues. These solutions range from routing and transit options, to warehousing and storage solutions, Customs and Regulatory Compliance, tools for financing the transactions and the technology to support the entire operation.

If you have questions or need information related to any of the following, please contact our Solutions team.

  • Need help determining the HS Code for your product

  • Need help determining the duties, taxes, and free trade opportunities for your products

  • Need help determining whether your product requires an Import/Export License

  • Need help determining the most cost-effective way to ship your product best on a series of constraints

  • Need help determining where to locate your warehouse for optimal distribution

  • Need help to determine whether any other government agencies regulate your product

  • Need help responding to U.S. Customs and or protesting a matter with U.S. Customs

  • Need help seeking guidance from U.S. Customs

  • Need assistance with determining overseas Customs and Regulatory requirements

  • Need information about financing options for your product

  • Need information related to insuring your product

  • Need information about other financial instruments to protect payment and mitigate your risk

CLN offers two services for clients needing consulting and guidance through the logistics process:

1. Hourly Fee Structure - $250.00 / Hour

2. Subscription Based Service - $250.00 / Month, MINIMUM 6 month contract and covers up to 4 hours of support per month.

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